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Traditional Rug Hooking, both a craft and an art!

Every Wednesday & Saturday starting July 4th
9:00am - 12:00pm $ 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Fee: $95.00

Visit us at scenic Fort Point, also known as Admiral's Point to learn the Art of Rug Hooking. Established in 1748 by the British in order to protect the mercantile assets that had been established in nearby Trinity, this historic site has stood the test of time and so have our rug hooking traditions. Rug hooking is a traditional textile craft practice in Newfoundland, primarily practiced by women. Hooked rugs or mats are made by using a hook to pull loops of fabric through a burlap base, held tightly in a frame. The patterns are created by drawing or tracing an image onto the burlap with pencil, and then filling it in with loops of color. The designs may have differed depending on which region of the province the mat was made in and early mats were made from retired clothing as essential coverings for the floor. The designs once used by rug hookers ranged from simple geometric patterns to more ornate works that would only be displayed in the home's parlour, or brought out from storage when important guests arrived.

Like many other textile traditions in Newfoundland, today's mat-makers tend to blend tradition with their own innovation. Come explore your creativity with us!

In this picturesque setting surrounded by the sea, join our certified instructor Winnie Glavine, and listen to her as she reminisces about growing up in Newfoundland. Winnie is delighted to share with you the rug hooking skills she employs in her practice and you will leave well informed about this long-standing Newfoundland tradition. We invite you to join us and be inspired!

Minimum class size: 4 participants
Maximum class size: 8 participants

Picnic lunch at our scenic site can be arranged for additional charge. For more information visit

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