EVENT DATE: Saturday, August 24 & Sunday, August 25, 2019
LOCATION: Coaker Factory - Port Union

The Cultural Craft Group of Partners on the Bonavista Peninsula is pleased to once again be offering craft producers and artisans an opportunity to sell their products directly to the tourism market. We are seeking producers & artisans interested in purchasing vendor space where visitors can develop a better understanding of our craft culture.

This year we once again coincide with the Bonavista Biennale and space will be limited. This Craft & Tourism Special Event has a street festival atmosphere complete with food and music but held indoors in a heritage building, complete with wifii access. Our priority focus will be on showcasing & promoting quality craftsmanship. BOOK EARLY - Space is limited!

All work showcased at the Cultural Craft Festival must be of the highest standards in design, technique and materials.

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION FEE: $85.00 (Includes table and chair) until April 1st, 2019



To ensure we deliver on our promise to offer a quality craft experience to tourists and visitors, we thank you in advance forrespecting our festival policies & exhibitors agreement.

 All product sold at the festival will conform to highest quality of standards and will have been deemed acceptable by the Cultural Craft Festival Committee. We reserve the right to limit # of producers using same medium.

 The Festival Planning committee will make every attempt to include all applicants, however space is limited and all applications may not be successful.

 All exhibitors will be notified of their acceptance to showcase at the festival via email. Full payment will be dueby May 24th. No refund after this date.

 Space to exhibit for one day is not an option. Exhibitors must be willing commit to exhibit the entire 2-day event.

 Exhibitors must be set up and ready to open by 9:45 a.m. and must stay until close. No packing up early or leaving early unless you have permission from festival organizers. Please respect your fellow exhibitors and visitors. Set up time will begin at 8:30 a.m. Please ensure you allow enough time for arrival and set up to be ready to sell by 10 a.m. sharp! It is disrespectful to other exhibitors and looks unprofessional to patrons when you set up late.

 No sales or price cuts are allowed at any time during the fair.

 Exhibitors cannot assign, share, split and/or sell any space granted to him/her without written permission from the Festival Planning Committee.

 Due to the fact that we are highlighting your craft skill to the tourist marketplace, all exhibitors must be able to engage with patrons in a friendly and informative manner. Therefore, all exhibitors must fully understand the creation process of the product(s) being sold as to answer all inquires from the patrons at this event. If someone, other than the producers is attending the space, please advise Festival organizers prior to the event for permission to act on your behalf.

 All vendors must conform to regulations of Industry Canada and Health Canada. This is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

 All applicable taxes must be added to selling prices and remitted to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as appropriate.

 Vendor rental fee includes one 6' table and chair(s). Exhibitors are responsible for table coverings (table cloth/covering) and must be long enough to cover table legs / under your table to the ground. Having a table skirt (or equivalent) ensures a professional appearance for all exhibitors. Display product in an appropriate manner.

 If you wish to display items off your table (shelves, racks, mannequins, etc.) please advise festival organizers in advance when booking your space. We will do our best to accommodate you but space is limited and should be respected by all vendors. In 2019, we may open a limited number of larger booth spaces for an additional $50 - please indicate your interest in larger space if available at time of registration.

 This is schedule to be an indoor event. In that regard, please plan according. There is no air conditioning so if you think you will require a fan, please bring one along.

 Please indicate at time of book if you have any allergies or other concerns / request and we will do our best to accommodate all exhibitors.

 Food vendors must have applicable food permits from Service NL displayed at their space.

 Space is limited and therefore may vary from exhibitor to exhibitor however festival organizers will make every attempt to ensure all exhibitors are treated equally.

 Access to electricity is limited and therefore battery lighting is suggested. Notify festival organizers when booking if you require electricity.

 Cellular coverage with Wifi access is available on all three floors of the Coaker Factory for easy payment options.

 Food vendors and soap/bath/body vendors must have ingredient labels as per applicable government regulations.

 Exhibitor and patron safety is a priority. Please adhere to safety regulations set at the site and advise festival organizers if your craft requires use of propane or other chemicals.

 The festival organizers are relying on volunteers to help oversee this event. Come prepared to set up & take down your space without additional support personnel.

 The Coaker Factory Venue is a three story building and there is a service elevator.

 Night Security is provided but exhibitors are responsible for ensuring security of their own craft items. In light of this fact, it is at your own discretion if you want to pack up at the end day one - please advise in advance if you will be doing so.

 Exhibitors must have their own insurance coverage in case of accidents (themselves or patrons) or if something is stolen.

 All vendors are responsible to understand the contents of this document. If you have questions, email us.

 Planning and scheduling of the event is on-going. As we get closer to the event, this policy may change but where possible the festival organizers will notify you in advance.

 For up-to-date information follow us on Facebook and Twitter @culturalcraft or via As a non-for-profit venue and volunteer group, we are limited in our marketing budgets. Together we can do so much more so where possible, we encourage all exhibitors to let your viewers know you are attending and help promote the event via your own social media sites.

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The Cultural Craft Festival Committee respects your privacy. We protect your personal information and adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to protecting your privacy. By filling in this form you consent to the use of the information collected to administer and promote the Cultural Craft Festival.

Applications will be accepted until May 15, 2019. Payment will be due upon confirmation of acceptance to exhibit during the Festival. No Refunds after May 24, 2019.
By filling out the below form I agree to the Cultural Craft Festival Policies set out in the above Exhibitor's Agreement.

Please advise your juried status. (If you are not juried please answer "No" to all boxes)